Pop!Cafe On The Town by Pete Bruinsma

It's as hard to peg Marvin the Robot down to a style of music as it is to peg Miles -- the brains, voice, and sole perpetrator of the project --

down to a schedule, but I've found you can't go wrong with a barrage of lossely defining descriptive words: disturbing yet humorous, impatient indie-rock

with a twinge of dark mystery and a lot of lo-fi sound. It's hard to leave a Marvin the Robot show with a frown on your face,

which makes it easy to become addicted to the experience.

Fed Up Fest, Chicago, IL

102.5 Frontstage Live Columbus, OH

Listen Here

Live At Witfest Cincinnati, OH

marvin the robot live at witler on the 8s (northside, ohio) 4/11/14 from Cincinnati Local Music Scene vid on Vimeo.